Clark’s Market

Clark's Market in Telluride, CO was looking to expand the footprint of their grocery store to accommodate more inventory. The parking lot at the site was also needing some repair due to lack of proper drainage that would cause problems each spring and force the company to have to close off a section of their parking lot.

As a result, Williams Construction completed the site excavation to expand the size of the store. Work was also carried out to replace the old parking lot. A drainage system was set up to alleviate the previously mentioned problems. This was done by excavating about a 5 feet deep buildup of soft sediment beneath the surface of the parking lot and then installing three feet of drain rock along with a pipe system at the base of the parking lot. That was then capped off with another three feet of road base gravel before repaving. While this process was being carried out, Williams Construction managed to keep customer parking open as well as the truck dock so that inventory could continue being received without hinderance. Crews continued working right up until the beginning of the Thanksgiving Holiday 2014 to get concrete poured and paved so that there was a suitable parking lot for the winter ski season. Local residents are sure to appreciate the much needed repair and expansion to the Clark's Market grocery store and will be glad when work is wrapped up here pretty soon!